Hol-Mac Corporation gives back through disaster relief

As catastrophe turns to recovery, Hol-Mac Corporation Employees went out to aid in cleanup efforts after a tornado tore through the community earlier this week.

The sound of chainsaws buzzed throughout the area as volunteers hauled tornado debris out for collection along the curbs.

Hol-Mac Corp. employees spread out through the community over two counties to assist where needed.  Hol-Mac Corp. employees also directed a clothing drive to assist families in need, as well as provided food for families and workers.

Hol-Mac Celebrates with New Employees


Hol-Mac Corp. recently hosted a Relocation Social Gathering at the Bay Springs Country Club for new team members who have recently joined the Hol-Mac family.  Forty new employees and their managers, as well as 6 interns, and their families attended this event.  Enjoying live music, delicious hors d’oeuvres, family fun and fellowship together gave these team members a wonderful opportunity to introduce themselves to one another and begin team relationships.

Hol-Mac Awarded 2016 Healthiest Workplace

Hol-Mac Corporation is pleased to announce its award as Mississippi’s 2016 Healthiest Workplace, in the private sector large company category.  Employees from Hol-Mac attended the 2016 Healthiest Workplaces Luncheon on Wednesday, July 27 to accept this award.

The 2016 Mississippi Healthiest Workplace Awards recognizes the top employers from across the state that shows excellence in providing employer health and wellness programs and healthy workplace environments. Employers who practice evidence based comprehensive health management programs improve their culture, engagement and value. This program is a collaboration of the Mississippi Business Group on Health, the Mississippi Business Journal, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers.

Hol-Mac Corporations Wellness Program represents a commitment to a results-oriented lifestyle management program. We knew that to get the best results and provide the best experience for our participants, that we also needed to partner with what we believed to be the best wellness partners for our program.  Hol-Mac Corporation’s wellness program is the joint collaboration of Hol-Mac Corporation’s management team, participants, beBetter health and UMMC centers for telehealth and ACT Center.  By providing access to wellness partner’s onsite and in the home, we made it simple for our participants to make the healthy choice.