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Hol-Mac Corporation is a Small Business based in Bay Springs, Miss. that manufactures a wide variety of heavy equipment. The privately owned company was founded in 1963 by Charles Holder. Today, Charles Holder remains CEO of Hol-Mac Corp. and his son, Jamie Holder, is President & COO. Our facilities boast over 600,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing space.

Our company takes great pride in our ability to produce the highest quality equipment in our respective industries.

• Hammerhead Armor™ features our line of premium aftermarket bumpers and accessories including transfer fuel tanks.
• Pac-Mac® features knuckle boom loaders, rear loaders, vacuum trailers, kill trucks, and vacuum pump trucks.
• Keith Huber® features a complete line of mobile vacuum loading equipment that includes thirteen models; not including custom units.
• In addition, as a heavy steel fabricator, we manufacturer hydraulic cylinders and tanks. Our capabilities also include product design, prototype development and testing, custom tooling, laser cutting, robotic welding, skived and roller burnishing, painting, sub/final assembly and contract manufacturing.

Our products can be found throughout the United States and across the globe; in addition our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards ensuring the highest quality!


331210Iron and steel pipe and tube manufacturing from purchased steel
331221Rolled steel shape manufacturing
332999All other miscellaneous fabricated metal product manufacturing
336212Truck trailer manufacturing
336390Other motor vehicle parts manufacturing

Contact Us

Hammerhead Armor855-448-6844
Keith Huber Corporation800-334-8237


Pac-Mac | KB Series

Recognized for quality, safety, economic efficiency, user-friendliness, and durability, this series really raises the bar.

Pac-Mac | RL Series

Featuring integrated tailgate props, automatic latches, and hardened steel pins throughout, this is the industry’s highest standard in hydraulic system cleanliness.

Pac-Mac | VT Series

Delivering cutting edge technology to any operation involving non-code wastewater and oilfield service fluid hauling markets.

Keith Huber | Berringer / II

Fills an important need for operators who routinely load and transport a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous material.

Keith Huber | Dominator

Tackles tough jobs with liquid cooling and high performance; keeps you running longer and makes sure that no job goes unfinished.

Keith Huber | King Vac

Excels at a variety of tasks such as hydro-excavation, hazmat response, jetting and general industrial cleaning in industries such as gas, oil, and mining.

Keith Huber | Knight

Excels at a variety of tasks such as hydro-excavation, hazmat response, jetting and general industrial cleaning in industries such as gas, oil, and mining.

Keith Huber | Princess / II / 320

Traditional cab, proven design, ready for action – offers a dependable route service unit equipped with dual service.

Keith Huber | Tugger

A powerful unit with a cab-over disign for good maneuverability and a low profile for easy and efficient operation.

Keith Huber | Transport Trailer

Equipped to solve every type of pumping need.

Hammerhead | Front Bumper

Crafted from heavy duty steel plate to offer the highest protection for your truck.

Hammerhead | Rear Bumper

Designed to stand up to the punishment of on-road and off-road driving.

Hammerhead | Fuel Tank

Expertise and experience provide insight into the most efficient and cost effective way to produce fuel tanks.