Plant 2: Cylinders

With Hol-Mac’s entry into the cylinder market in the late 1960’s, the size and scope of our operations have increased dramatically since our establishment as a small welding and machine shop in 1963. In 1970, we underwent a modest expansion and by 1982 recognized the need for a new, modern facility dedicated solely to the production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. This facility with over 120,000 square feet specializes in custom cylinders, using the industry’s finest components.

Because cylinders are the backbone of your equipment, we believe that a cylinder should be designed and built for its specified use in order to guarantee the fullest potential, performance, and economy of your equipment. At Hol-Mac, there is no such thing as a “stock” or “shelf” cylinder. WhenHol-Mac designs and manufactures your cylinder, you can be assured that it is perfectly suited to your needs and is the most economical cylinder available.

By providing quality design, state-of-the-art equipment, superior process control, and pride in craftsmanship, Hol-Mac offers our customers exceptional performance and durability. In addition to manufacturing to your prints, our cylinder plant has a professional engineering team that can help you design or improve your cylinder to save you money and improve quality.

Because our experience in the areas of steel fabrication and hydraulic cylinders exposed a need for hydraulic tanks of exceptional quality, we created our own Benchmark Tank product line to accompany our hydraulic cylinders. By utilizing both our tanks and cylinders, you can track down and eliminate contamination issues faster. With our ability to integrate our price-competitive sourcing and capabilities in steel fabrication, cylinders and tanks, we can provide great benefits and cost saving strategies to our customers in many different areas.

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