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Family of brands

superior products and service

Hol-Mac Corporation’s family of brands consists of four OEM Brands and four Premier Proprietary Brands, all forged from the highest-quality components and held to the same world class standards. 

At Hol-Mac, we take advantage of technology, innovation, and relentless attention to all aspects of the manufacturing process, in order to stay ahead of the competition in each industry served. Our brands are supported by over 50 engineers, who work closely with our customers to develop in-depth understanding of their needs and provide superior customer service. 

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proprietary Brands

Unmatched Performace & Durability

Hol-Mac Corporation is proud to offer four Premiere Proprietary Brands, each offering world class product lines in their specific industry served. Our Proprietary Brands are held to the same world class standards Hol-Mac is known for, securing each as a top contender in multiple international industries. 


OEM Brands

serving fortune 500 customers

The four OEM Brands of Hol-Mac Corporation focus on core components, such as heavy custom fabrication, hydraulic cylinders, and electrical components. Our OEM Brands provide world class, core components to Original Equipment Manufacturers, many fortune 500 companies among them.  

Premium products demands the strongest, most reliable components. Hol-Mac’s record of excellence and quality control make our OEM Brands an ideal resource for custom- designed steel fabrications and manufactured components.  

Steel Fabrications

Manufactured subcomponents
& custom assemblies

Hol-Mac Fabrications has proven to be an industry leader in steel fabrication, By integrating over 60 years of expertise, our quality design, state of the art equipment, and superior process control ensures outstanding performance and durability. 

hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulic, pneumatic,
telescopic cylinders & rotary manifolds

Hol-Mac Hydraulics specializes in custom designed and manufactured hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinders guarantee the fullest potential, performance, and economic value. 

Electrical Components

Electrical wiring harnesses
& other specialized products

Hol-Mac Electrical focuses on core electrical wiring harness and other specialized products for the Hol-Mac Proprietary Brands. This unique integration allows our Proprietary Brands to quickly and efficiently provide customers with finished machines, regardless of supply chain contingencies. 

Anel Corporation

Custom Manufactured
Tanks & fabrications

Anel Corporation specializes in manufacturing custom fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks and reservoirs, custom fabrications, and custom designed fixtures. Anel has earned and sustained a reputation for reliability, quality, and the highest level of customer service.