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Built for efficiency, reliability,
and ease of operation.

Pac-Mac specializes in world class engineered and manufactured refuse and recycling equipment. Pac-Mac products include grapple trucks, rear loader refuse trucks, leaf vacuum trucks, and roll offs, satisfying the most demanding public works and solid waste industry clients.

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Armor Reinvented.

Hammerhead Armor products are manufactured,  laser-cut, formed and welded with quality and precision to provide maximum strength and durability. Reinforce your vehicle with Hammerhead Armor, no cutting, drilling, or welding required. 

Lightest, fastest, most versaTILE

Donkey Forklifts combines state of the art design and world class manufacturing tools to produce the highest value truck-mounted forklift in the industry. Donkey forklifts are engineered for ease of operation and simple maintenance, and are pound for pound the strongest, most stable, and efficient truck-mounted forklifts in the industry. 

largest independent vacuum
manufacturer in the USA

Huber Corporation manufactures world class vacuum and pumper trucks that can handle even the most demanding jobs. Huber offers 17 dedicated models with 7 registered trademarks, not including custom units. Huber Corporation is dedicated to providing customers with the products and service that can be expected from a world class manufacturer.